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What is WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most popular open source content management systems (CMS) in use today.  There are thousands of  professionally developed “Themes” that are available.  Once you find a theme that matches the look and feel that you like, we can customize it for your business, integrating your logo, colors, images and any additional requirements.

Modern WordPress themes are device responsive so your website will scale and display correctly in phones to desktop computers.  Statistics show that 65% of the traffic to your website in 2016 is from a mobile device so having a device responsive site is imperative.

You can extend the functionality of your WordPress site using a variety of plugins that are available.  If you can think of an application that you need, there is good chance a plugin has already developed for it.

If you need a more comprehensive, custom solution, we offer complete WordPress Design and theme development services.

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WordPress FAQ

Can I easily edit my site using WordPress?

It depends on the theme.  Some purchased themes use third party visual editors that are fairly easy to use with little training.  Others are more difficult and have a steep learning curve with a limited amount of control.
We use themes that have WYSIWYG editors that are easy for our customer to use if they choose to.

Is WordPress Secure?

Wordpress is an open source software and is constantly being updated.  Most vulnerabilities lie in outdated or poorly designed plugins.  It is important to keep WordPress core and plugins updated when new versions are released.
We also add security plugins that help keep your site secure.

What are my options for customization?

Customization options will depend on the theme that you choose.  Most quality themes will allow a high level of control. However, some offer very limited control without going into the code.  A highly customized site that is coded to function outside of the theme framework will be difficult for the average customer to edit.

Can you update and maintain our site?

Yes.  If your site is hosted with us, we offer hourly based maintenance plans.  If it is hosted elsewhere, we offer retainer based maintenance plans.

Do you offer WordPress Hosting?

Yes.  Our hosting platform allows you to easily install WordPress from your control panel.  We also offer NGINX to help speed up delivery of heavy WordPress sites.

Want to develop a new WordPress site for your business?   Just have questions?  Let’s talk.

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