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Login Shortcut

Want an easier way to logon to your sitebuilder site? There are two shortcuts that may help you.
If your site is activated already and your domain name is resolving, you can type “/login” after your domain name and you will be able to login by using your original sitename and password. NOTE: Original Sitename is usually different from domain name.


If you have a trial site, open a new window with this address: then type your site name after the “.com/” (be sure to erase everything after the .com/ before you type anything else) Next, type “/login” after your sitename. You will now be able to login by using your sitename and password.


Another option would be to make a shortcut on your desktop to this page. You can do that by draging the icon in the address bar to your desktop. Next time you want to login, just double click your new shortcut to open up this logon page

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