Microsoft Outlook crashed again

Sick and Tired of Microsoft Outlook? There is a better option!

eM Client Outperforms Outlook in Every Way

I have always despised Outlook as a POP3 or IMAP client. It’s heavy, slow, bloated software that is designed to integrate with Exchange server, an enterprise-level application. Corporations have teams of network engineers working to keep Exchange server and associated Outlook clients running. The average small to medium-sized business is not so lucky. We just want a trouble-free mail client that works every time we open it. Unfortunately, that is not Outlook.

Why not use Outlook? It’s heavy bloated software that struggles to perform simple email retrieval functions without having issues. Using it for POP3 or IMAP is a miserable experience. Since email is literally the cornerstone of business, this is unacceptable! In my year of using it, I experienced more downtime and frustration with Outlook than any other mail client I have ever used.

Some of the annoyances and issues I continuously encounter are:

  • Crashing – Restart computer
  • Hanging up – Restart computer
  • Endless “Syncing”
  • Connection errors
  • Database corruption – corrupt .PST file
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling the MS Outlook software multiple times
  • Slowest mail client in the world!
  • Poor spam filter
  • Poor email orgainzation
  • Cannot view mail source code.

The last time Outlook crashed, I finally had enough. It had to GO!

After some searching and reading reviews, I decided to take a chance on eM Client.

I opted for the Pro version which has a list of features that blows every other mail client away. The install was quick and easy and it loaded up all my IMAP messages quickly. After a few day of using eM Client, I was certain this was the mail client I had been looking for.

Things I love about eM Client:

  • It is FAST! Just what I was looking for.
  • No endless syncing!
  • Easy email setup
  • Consolidate Gmail and Google Calander into the app – Easy setup!
  • Nesting emails/replies in the the same pane for easy access and referance. Also, extended nesting of older email in the far right pane which show history and attachments. ( I have grown to love this time saving feature)
  • Frustration free mail client that allow you to get work done!
  • Easy online updates

Things that need improvement:

  • Spam handling capacities are poor. There is now way to whitelist legitimate email that go to spam or junk. Adding the email to your contacts and whitelisting on the server does not work! There is, however, a workaround. You can add the email address that are going to spam to a filter that redirects it to the inbox. This is a simple task. Just right click the email address in the header and select “create rule from”.
  • When deleting email, it will sometimes select the whole days worth of emails if you are deleting from the top row. Be careful!

I have just scratched the surface of the capabilities of eM Client. I will report back here as I discover more pros and cons of eM Client. Check out eM Client for yourself!