AWSP Works with U. S. Coast Guard Station Houston

The United States Coast Guard selected us to build their Houston Air Station Website. After considering the specialized nature of their site we created a design that was visually appealing, flexible in scale and professional as well as organized in it’s content presentation. They were very pleased with their design and contracted us to maintain it as well.

Shortly after their new site was up, Hurricane Katrina hit the gulf coast and they needed a quick visual way to portray their active part in the rescue efforts. They asked us to create a birds eye view of their performance during that emergency response situation.

With nothing more than a spreadsheet list of helicopter arrivals and departures, we developed a “flash movie,” that shows a moving, depiction of the path of Hurricane Katrina, arrivals and departures of H-60’s and H-65 helicopters, dynamic number of helicopters in the cities, and a dynamic time line from August 28 to September 3, 2005 that comes complete with interactive pause and replay features.

Coast Guard officials say they are “very pleased with the results and realistic depiction of the coast guard helicopters dispatched during Hurricane Katrina ” and believe the program serves as a valuable tool that will aide in future emergency response planning.

Keith Hickman, owner of AWSP stated “This was an intriguing project that pulled raw data into a concise format that is easy to understand at a glance. We are proud to be able to assist the Coast Guard Air Station Houston”

In a letter to AWSP Lt. Vicencio writes:

“We are very pleased with the services provided by AWSP. Our website is very intuitive and the end result exceeded our expectations. AWSP proved to be a very valuable resource in assisting us to project a positive image and business presence on the web. We are extremely impressed with their web design and graphic design capabilities. Our site looks amazing and contains very useful information for our Coast Guard Personnel as well as the American Public.

Thanks for all your hard work!!”
Lt. Vicencio
U.S. Coast Guard
Air Station Houston


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