Secure Email Port Added

For customers using our email services, we have added a secure email port to our hosting server that is available to start using now.  We added this for customers using iPhones which try to use this port by default.  However, the port is available for everyone to use if you choose to do so. 

Anyone who is *not* using SSL/TLS won’t be getting any warnings, and don’t need to change anything.  So the rule is, anyone with SSL or TLS turned on (and it may be forced to “on” in some clients like iPhones) should use for the incoming and outgoing server name.

Secure mail uses an encrypted SSL connection for both incoming POP and outgoing SMTP.

The new setting for secure mail are:

Incoming server:
Port for POP3: 995

Outgoing server:
If using SSL, then Port: 465
If using TLS, then Port: 587

Note that if you are using another email service like Office 365, Rackspace or Gmail, this does not apply to you.