New SiteBuilder Updates Online.

New Templates / Styles

New layouts have been added and many more are in the works. These responsive layouts give you the flexibility to setup any kind of design to meet your needs.

New Page Layouts

We have made it easier to create fantastic looking pages. Our new page layouts will get you started with great looking pages. Select your page style, upload images and enter your text.

Updated Text Editor

The text editor has been updated and now supports the Microsoft Edge Browser

Image Hover Animations

Enable advanced hover animations for images. When visitors move the mouse over an image, you can set the image to zoom in. For image captions you can set the captions to fade in on top of the image or display with a slide in animation. To setup hover animation go to the design->advanced settings->animated transitions page. More great animations coming soon.

Simplified Text Edit Bar

Remove clutter from the text editor and quickly access primary editing functions: styling text, editing links and inserting images.

Long Page Updates

The long form pages are now much easier to edit. You no longer need to select which section you are editing. The full page can be edited at the same time. Edit and easily move components anywhere on the page.

Mobile App Services (Beta/Upgrade)

Are you looking to have an App in the IOS AppStore or Google Play Store for your customers/site visitors to download? With the new App Services we can take your existing website and turn it into a downloadable App. Once it is created, you can use the site builder to manage the content displayed in your App. Contact Support for more information.

Copy Component

Once you have a component set with all the options that you want, it can easily be copied so you can start editing with the setting that you like to use. To copy a component, tap the green box to the right of the component edit link and then click the copy button. NOTE: only some components support the copy feature.

New Icons

Hundreds of new icons have been added to the icons area. To add icons to your pages, use the image component and then tap the choose icon button. You can select different icons styles and customize your colors.

More Button for Text Components

Easily add a more button to the bottom of your text components. The more button creates an easy way to link a quick text paragraph to a detailed page with more information.

Text/Image Animation Component

Create dynamic text/image animations. As you scroll through pages text and images will animate.

Animated Rotating Word Component

Use the rotating word component to create an animated text sentence. Choose a word in the sentence and have to rotate between different words. Customize colors, words, animations and more.

Mobile Enhancements

Many updates have been added to help your pages display better on mobile devices. The new responsive templates have updated menus and options for search and viewing a shopper’s cart.

Form Component

This is a new mode that allows the form to auto size to fill the available page space. The form now allows for larger files to be uploaded when visitors submit a form. The new date field type allows visitors to enter a date or select the date from a popup calendar. The date field will show in newer web browsers.

Spacer Component

The spacer component allows you to add more space between components and sections. Adding space between components can help your pages to be easier to read and navigate.


A new groupbox style has been added that allows you to customize the color and choose an icon or image to be displayed at the top of the box.


  • Miscellaneous updates to Amazon payments
  • Product option that requires a user be logged in to view pricing and order a product
  • Miscellaneous subscription feature enhancements
  • Company name can now appear on packing slips
  • Miscellaneous updates to product display
  • ShipStation upgrades and updates
  • New USPS shipping method options and removal of some methods per USPS updates
  • Miscellaneous PayTrace gateway enhancements
  • More custom text options for ecommerce
  • Subscription recurrence date can be changed
  • Option to automatically cancel a subscription
  • Inventory alert notice now includes link to edit the product
  • Coupon enhancements
  • Stripe gateway enhancements
  • AUPost API upgrade
  • VAT tax calculations for shipping fees
  • Google category setting for Google shopping export
  • Support added for Mastercard 2 series cards
  • Square gateway
  • Security updates to use stronger ciphers for PCI compliance
  • Checkout quantity restriction enhancement
  • My account and billing info update


  • Option to purchase SSL Certificates
  • SSL browsing enhancements


  • Updates to spam filtering for forms
  • New form date field option
  • Form file upload now allows for larger files

Responsive/Mobile Updates

  • Form enhancements to work better on mobile browsing
  • Responsive banner will display the logo if set
  • Miscellaneous responsive template updates
  • Responsive design updates
  • Miscellaneous mobile updates


  • Audio playback enhancement for newer browsers
  • Video backgrounds on long form page


  • Rotating banner updates
  • Content slide banner can now be set to different sizes on home versus other pages
  • Image gallery component upgrades
  • Blog enhancements
  • Image resizing adjustments

Long Form Pages

  • Long form page footer enhancements
  • Video backgrounds on long form page
  • Long form pages can now be copied

Google/Search Engines

  • Google tag manager
  • Google maps update


  • CDN enhancements for faster image loading
  • Site search enhancement
  • PCI compliance upgrades


  • Domain manager enhancements
  • User account can be directed to a specific page after login
  • Site owner notification when a user account is created
  • Custom page – allows a custom section layout

Coming Soon

  • Text Animations
  • Page section backgrounds
  • Image Hover Effects
  • New components
  • Text formatting updates