SEO Testimonial

SEO Testimonial – A Customer’s Story

The following text is an exert from a letter forwarded to us by one of our clients. His letter was written in response to a potential client’s request for information about AWSP’s Search Engine Marketing Campaigns. Yes, they did become our client as well!

Dear Sir or Madam,
Keith Hickman from AWSP provided your e-mail address as a reference. If you can take a little time to answer these questions it would be extremely helpful.

I am looking forward to reading your reply. Thank you for your time and consideration.

“I would be happy to answer your questions, as I am one of AWSP’s biggest fans.”

1. Are you still a customer of AWSP?

“Absolutely. AWSP has helped me to design, develop, and launch 4 company websites and they currently manage all updates and do the Web hosting as well. The AWSP team also manages all aspects of the search engine marketing for all of of our websites.”

2. When did you launch your SEO-campaign?

“For the first company, we launched our SEM (search engine marketing) campaign in June of 2001. For the second company, we launched our SEM campaign in earnest in mid February 2003. The Third was launched in August 2003. We are currently working on a 5th Web site with AWSP.”

3. Did the campaign reach all your expectations?

“For the first company, the SEM campaign took our small, home based business and turned it into a company that generates $750,000 over the first full year of SEO. We expect our business to generate >$1 Million of revenue this year. To give you a feel for how great an impact this has had on our company, our lives and our manufacturer, out of 400 distributors that our manufacturer deals with, we are now the manufacturer’s #1distributor. We are not just barely ahead of the #2 distributor either…we are 6 times larger than their #2 distributor (and this happened over a period of one year). Right now, every time the manufacturer ships 3 products, one of them is to one of our customers. This means we account for 1/3 of their entire business worldwide. That number is growing and growing also.

For the second company, we have already exceeded our expectations in the first 10 days of our business. In that timeframe, we have generated about $7500.00 of revenue in 10 days. Even thought we have just started…this is a pace of $250,000 per year. I fully expect this business to do better than business #1 in the first year.”

4. Which eventual issues happened during the project and how AWSP handled these problems?
“Once, for some unknown reason, our positioning with Yahoo dropped from #1 to completely off the radar screen. We suspect that they must have checked to see the presence of our website and for some reason, they couldn’t find our website (likely the server was down for updating or maintenance, etc). I noticed sales slowing down, so I called AWSP. In two hours, he identified the issue, re-submitted all information, and in a couple of days, our sales were back up where we were before.
Overall, I must say that there have been very few if any problems to speak of. When I have a question or a problem, I call and/or email my campaign manager and get the answer or the resolution right away. There are not really any problems or issues that come to mind at all.”

5. How satisfied were you with the price, quality of services provided by AWSP?

“I hope that was implied in the previous questions. They are very reasonably priced for the service, level of attention and results that you would get. Keith Hickman, Marketing Director and AWSP are one of the primary reasons our company has done so well. They have truly partnered with us in our success.

For the record, I feel it is necessary to give you a little background. When I started our first business, it was only an idea and I wanted to get a website going to sell our products. I knew nothing about SEM/SEO/SEP, price per click charges, positioning, page views, etc. So I had to rely heavily and exclusively on Keith. I basically told Keith this early on, ” I know nothing about this SEO/SEP stuff, but I know you do. So here’s the deal: I want you to do the things that need to be done just as though it was your own business and I want you to spend my company money as though it was your own. If you think we need to do something different, then I want you to run it by me, but I’ll guarantee you this…if you think we should, I will always agree with you. I want you to have the autonomy to do what you think is right because I trust you.”

“So Keith ran by a number of recommendations to me that were somewhat scary at first for a very small home based business. Some ideas that were expensive and daunting for a couple struggling to make ends meet. However, I figured, if we were going to do this, we were going to do this right or not at all. I bit the bullet and with an unwavering faith in Keith and his crew, it has paid off beyond what we could have imagined. Our “little” distributorship now competes against all the very large companies and more often than not, we beat them at their own game.”

“After being in this business for a while, I have come to find out that many people, who don’t have a fraction of the knowledge that Keith and other good SEO/SEP people have in this market, do not seem to listen to their suggestions. They spend literally millions on a website, and then act as misers and don’t want to continually spend money for the right Search Engine Marketing company. You know what…God bless them for not listening! It gives small companies like us the opportunity to really sneak up behind them and steal away their business.”

” I have never understood why companies spend all of this money on a website, but when someone goes to search for it, no one can find it! (MANY, MANY competitors have this problem). I’m a novice at this and the advice that Keith gave early on sure made sense to me. Keith helped me to develop a “clean,” and very informative and easy to navigate website. Not the most expensive by a long shot, but one that is found almost every time someone is looking for a product like ours.”

“If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to email or call me at anytime. My number is 713-xxx-xxxx.”

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