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Setup a Trash folder in Horde Webmail

If you are using Horde Webmail to delete mail on the server, these are the steps you will need to take before you can remove mail entirely.  By default, Horde does not come with a “Trash” folder so this must be created before you are allowed to delete mail. 1) Login and click on “New […]

New Spam Blocker Installed

We have just installed a new layer of spam protection for our hosting customers.  Welcome to MagicSpam. MagicSpam is not a filter but integrates with the mail server and works on the edge or the SMTP layer to reject spam before it enters the server. It is also configured to help stop Trojans and bots […]

Custom Web Design Process for SiteBuilder CMS

  This is an overview of our SiteBuilder Content Management System (CMS) web design process. This is only for customers that want a full custom or highly modified Website built out on our SiteBuilder CMS Platform. Initial Consultation/Pre Service Agreement: 1. Discuss customers business goals and objectives for the website. 2. Receive requirements document/email from customer. 3. […]

U.S. Coast Guard Engages AWSP for New Mission

The United States Coast Guard Bahamas/U.S Embassy office has engaged Advanced Web Site Publishing (AWSP) to help them visually depict the amount and types of cases they have worked on in their region during the course of one year. Commander Billburg of the U.S. Coast Guard states “The SAR and AMIO picture is essential to […]